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Suboxone for Patients including Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Suboxone for Patients including Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Suboxone for Patients including Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Perhaps due to work related stressors and increased access to controlled substances, Physicians and other Healthcare Professionals are vulnerable to the risks of Substance Abuse including Alcohol, Opiate and other Prescription Medications. While some Physicians and Healthcare Professionals can achieve abstinence and remain substance free, others may struggle in their treatment and recovery and risk their health and careers and sometimes risk the health of their patients. One option that may be helpful for Physicians with Opiate Abuse and Dependence is Suboxone, a highly controlled opiate medication that can assist someone to address Opiate Dependence and associated problems.

Frank Dowling MD and Rachna Sharma MD have completed the extra training and certifications required to prescribe and monitor patients on Suboxone. In addition, Long Island Behavioral Medicine physicians and staff are able to provide the on-site supervised urine toxicology screening required for patients being prescribed Suboxone. Furthermore, the physicians at Long Island Behavioral Medicine are glad to coordinate care with Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs or Individual Therapists or Substance Abuse Counselors who may be assisting Physicians or other Healthcare Professionals with Substance Use Disorders. If needed, Long Island Behavioral Medicine professionals can assist with documentation of substance abuse treatment and urine toxicology screening results that may be required by employers, probation officers and courts, or professional monitoring programs such as CPH (Committee for Physician Health) or other Professional Assistance Programs.

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