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Assisting Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Assisting Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Assisting Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Physicians and other Healthcare Professionals are vulnerable to the same life stressors and same illnesses as the patients we care for. Because we dedicate our lives and ourselves to assisting and caring for others we are exposed repeatedly to traumatic events and stressors faced by and with our patients. While physicians and healthcare professionals are resilient, there are times when we all may are vulnerable to the effects of traumatic stress and work related stressors. Fears over stigmatization, feelings of personal weakness or failure, and fears of work related consequences often prevent us as physicians and healthcare professionals from seeking assistance. Since the professionals at Long Island Behavioral Medicine specialize in caring for physicians and healthcare professionals, we can offer extensive experience to help physicians and other professionals to address stress related problems, depression and anxiety and substance use. Most of the time we can help someone to remain at work while you engage in treatment. When someone may need to take a leave from work, we can assist them to transition back to work when they are ready and able to do so.

While most physicians and professionals are self-referred to assistance with Long Island Behavioral Medicine, we are happy to work with physicians referred to CPH or professionals referred by other professional monitoring agencies. In addition, we may provide Reports, Evaluations and Recommendations or Monitoring Updates for our professional patients when needed.

For physicians and other healthcare professionals with Alcohol Abuse or Substance Use Disorders, we offer Individual Therapy, Medication Management that may reduce the risk of setback with Alcohol Abuse or Substance Use Disorders, and assistance with Co-Morbid Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders or other mental health problems. In addition, we offer Suboxone Treatment and Urine Toxicology Monitoring when they are an appropriate option for someone’s treatment and recovery.

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