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School Evaluations

School Evaluations

School Evaluations

One of the most challenging situations for parents, teachers, school administrators and mental health professionals is how to identify and diagnose mental health conditions in school age children and adolescents and how to assist a child in the school setting who is experiencing mental health difficulties. Many times symptoms or problem behaviors in children may overlap several diagnoses. In addition, it can be difficult to differentiate psychiatric disorders from developmental or learning disabilities which can also overlap with psychiatric illnesses. Often a parent may seek an independent evaluation of their child to assist with treatment recommendations and recommendations for classroom assistance or accommodations when needed. In addition, a parent may seek an independent evaluation and recommendations to assist with CSE meetings.

Dr. Sharma is Board Certified in both Child and Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry, has additional experience working with school programs and providing comprehensive evaluations and recommendations for children and adolescents with mental health problems that may be having an impact on a child’s school performance. A comprehensive evaluation and report begins with an extended visit which includes spending time with the student and parent or guardian. Reports and observations from school teachers, teachers’ assistants and other staff will be obtained as appropriate. Previous psychological test reports and other pertinent material will be reviewed. All information will be incorporated into a comprehensive summary with recommendations regarding psychiatric treatment, individual and family counseling (when needed), social and special educational services and supports (when needed). While Dr. Sharma will evaluate children from Grade K through High School, other psychiatrists at LIBM, PC are also available to evaluate High School Students. For more information or to set up an appointment, please call our office at 631-656-0472.

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